Tiger (tigerzahn) wrote in waldenbooks,

So... (Just wondering)

How's the HP#7 pre-order going for you?

Here, it's "When's the new Harry Potter book coming out again?"  at least twenty-times a day.

No one bothers to look at the nice little date sticker. T_T Poor neglected sticker.
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Deleted comment

Lucky. Last time I checked (Last Thursday) It was 324 for us.

I wonder why they come to bookstores, really... XD

Deleted comment

We get those too, but for some reason they're not as big of a headache as the "I can pay now, right?" or the "Do you know what happens in this book?".

'Yeah, I know what happens. It's just too damn bad I've been sworn to secrecy by a dragon in a well in another time. =/ Sorry!'
I noticed on the message broadcast yesterday that their goal is to be out of all of them by Monday.

As of Thurs. we hadn't received any of them. DC delivery on Friday. So they want us to unpack our first ones on Friday, the second busiest day of the week.

And I noticed that they want us to excitedly call all of our several hundred reservations to gush about the exclusive on the second busiest day of the week. Instead of unpacking our first shipment of them? Or should we make all of those calls on Saturday, our busiest day of the week when we're usually shelving all the stuff we didn't have all week? How many extra hours can we add to the matrix to make those calls?