Sammy (libwitch) wrote in waldenbooks,

dear waldens, please fix it!

Dear Waldenbooks HQ;
The inventory system that you swore would be working perfectly by Christmas still sucks beyond anything I have ever witnessed in a retail environment.

You keep telling us to be patient, but its getting really hard when the system costs us sales on a regular basis. Just here are some examples:
1. We sold out of every copy of Mary, Mary three days after its release. We finally got more copies in at the end of January.

2. Ditto with Nicholas Sparks.

3. You told us we could not return any copies of Team of Rivals, since we only had 5. I pulled 31 copies and sent them back, now we have 5, thank you.

4. Our "Read to Myself" section we begged to have replenished since November. We ran out by early December. By the time you started to replenish us this week, our shelves were literally more then half empty. Meanwhile, that section slipped from 2nd to 15th in overall departmental sales.

5. You sent us so much bargin, not only did we have to store some in our temp stores, but we actually got written up with fire code violations, since we had no place to store it. We then had to waste time and money sending the bargin back out stores that needed anything at all to fill their shelves.

6. You are confusing the hell out of new employees, who do the correct thing and check books in the computer before shelving them. The problem? In no circumstances does James Patterson belong in graphic novels, or Neil Gaimen in history.

Its bad enough that I would LOVE to come out there to MI and explain simple concepts such as "authority control" to you guys, but do I need to also come out beat you with a wet herring so that you guys can fix this damn thing once and for all?
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