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The red-headed stepchild of Borders Group, INC.

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This is a community mainly created for Waldenbooks (or any bookstore) employees who want to rant, rave, promote, review or talk about anything in regards to bookstores and books.

We encourage:

- Non-bookstore employees to join the community.
- Book reviews
- Book/author news
- Selling books (please do this through a third party such as half.com, ebay.com, or amazon.com and link community to items)
- Suggesting books
- Sharing customer [service] experiences/issues

Some rules:

- Don't spam.
- Don't attack other users.
- Don't blatently advertise.
- If you post a large image, a meme, or a quiz please save our eyes and use the cut tag.
- Don't try to sell ANYTHING other than books in this community.
- Don't be a jerk.

DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with Borders Group, Waldenbooks, Borders Express OR Borders. The opinions and statements in this community do not reflect the personal feelings of any of the afore mentioned companies. It's just a community created for anyone else who shares our common interest which are books.

What a silly disclaimer.