Sammy (libwitch) wrote in waldenbooks,

you defeat me with your mighty brain power

So last night, we had a man in his 20's in the bookstore who was determined to prove his intelligence by trying question us on how many "cool" authors we have read (the only authors he knew were Phllip Dick and Hunter Thompson).

Then he told me that some "old guy" told him that he should read a book called "...something 1914. Maybe a month?"

Me: That would be August 1914, about the Battle of Tannenburg, which some say is part of the early beginnings of WWI. *looks up on the computer* Oh, and its by Solzhenitsyn, and its suppose to be quite good.

Him: Have you read it?

Me: No, but I did read another book by him that was very well written and memorable, called One Day in the Life of Ivan....

Him: *interrupts* What was that one about?

Me: It follows a man for a day who is sentenced to one of the Soviet gulags.

Him: Whats that?

Me: It was Soviet prison camp, used for both political dissenters and criminals.

Him: No, that can't be right - they didn't have prison camps!
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