Melissa (lolitabonita) wrote in waldenbooks,

Borders Corporate Accounts

I've had this come up twice and the first time I didn't think we could do it, but I don't know...

A while back a man came in with a green Borders corporate card (I think it's the equivilant of a corporate WISE account). I tried everything I could think of to make the discount card work, to no avail. My biggest problem was that the card has more numbers that a the computer will let me use when ringing up a corporate sale.

Does Waldenbooks accept these Borders corporate cards? No one I worked with has seen this situation come up and we all thought there was no way.

However, today a very rude Russian gentleman said to me "don't just stand there and lie to me that you can't do it. Last time I was here someone put stuff into the computer and it worked just fine!"

Besides the fact that he pissed me off by telling me I was lying to him, I was very frustrated because he seemed like he was in a huge hurry and wanted his dollar something discount, so I gave him a cranky customer discount and sent him on his way.

But, I'm still wondering, can we use those cards?
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