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Date:2007-03-26 01:11
Subject:So... (Just wondering)

How's the HP#7 pre-order going for you?

Here, it's "When's the new Harry Potter book coming out again?"  at least twenty-times a day.

No one bothers to look at the nice little date sticker. T_T Poor neglected sticker.

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Date:2007-01-21 00:06
Subject:I did NOT just read that!
Mood: shocked

I...sometimes wonder about our customers. Really wonder. Worry sometimes, too...

Are large yellow signs not enough to tell people the price and/or sales going on? Do they need to be neon green? Rainbow with Jesus fishies? I'm pretty sure people would notice them then...

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Date:2007-01-08 00:57
Subject:"Title? What's that?"
Mood: tired

Raise your hand here if you've had a customer call, begin to describe a book, sans title, and then ask for your manager because you're 'too new' since you have no clue as to what book she was looking for other than she saw it on a TV show and thought it looked interesting.


Can't be that interesting if you can't at least remember the title...saying it has a picture of fudge in it and it's by Rachel Ray doesn't do crap other than tell me it's in the cooking section and Miss Ray likes fudge. Upside, my co-worker didn't know the book either. xD

The above statement also goes to the fact if you've ever had a customer come in/call saying "I don't know the title, but I saw it on -insert show here-! Do you have it? It's new/old!".

Uhh....I watch shows that involve mind rotting violence and that ain't happening on Oprah.


Dear Parents,

Kiosk workers are not your complimentary mall babysitters!

We are not going to watch your kids while you duck into a random store. Not even if you ask us.

Coincidentally, if your kid takes our merchandise without paying, then you should chase them down instead of informing us and then continue to read the back of a calendar while we run after the brats.

We will sell your kids for slave labor and/or to a zoo as emergency food substitute.

Teach 'em some respect, you jerks!

It's January and we're fed up. Next time we call security and perhaps child services.


A random employee whom was taught better.


Last Venty Rant thing: I'm all for people using their discounts. Totally for it. Just. Not. All. At. Once... *dead* Are you really so cheap as to use five different things at once?! It costs less than twenty-bucks! I'm the kind of person whom takes the time to make sure everything is entered correctly and some customers take offense to that when I'm trying to arrange everything for the best discount and so I don't have to void things afterwards for not being able to do a double discount. >_>;;

Heh, I guess I shouldn't complain is good, pay is nice. This is actually my second job and I was only supposed to be a kiosk bitch seasonal help. XD;; Imagine my surprise when I get pulled to the side and told I'm staying... *_* Geeks love books, so it goes without saying that this has been a life long dream - doesn't matter that I'm 18, my dream's done. You go be an astronaut! I got quality reading material and an employee discount.

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Date:2006-11-20 11:11

Dear company:
Let me tell you how you can save some money. Inventory control.

Its not even Thanksgiving, and we are already too full with stock. As in, boxing up stock and storing it off site too full. As in the fire marshal has already written us up too full. For every single box we put out last night, we have to box up a full box of overstock.

You have sent us more copies of the Marley and Me Christmas hardcover then what we sold all year, when people are asking for it in paperback.

We have a total of 70 copies of Egyptology, Wizardology and Dragonology, all which have been out for a Christmas season or more. But we only have in 2 copies of Piratology and we have a waiting list of people who want it.

We have a cookbook going at 50% off on black Friday with 4 copies in stock. Yet you sent us 40 copies of Everyday Italian, which has been out for almost 18 months already. Apparently, you felt the 20 copies we already had was not sufficient, despite the fact we haven’t sold any copies at all in 3 months.

You have restocked us on all the books in the George RR Martin series, except for the newest, Feast of Crows, of which we sell at least 3 copies of a week.

Oh, and the dictionaries. Why, in bloody hell, do you think that we need more dictionaries then my undergraduate library that serves 17,000 students would even dream of owning?

Or Nora Roberts. As of last night we had no less then 6 overhead bays of NOTHING but Nora Roberts. That is just fucking insane. There is no other way to put it.

And what else….Thomas Friedman. Oh, that ass. No one is buying his “new revised” book either. People ask for it because they think it is out in paperback. They put it back as soon as they find out it is still in hardcover. Stop sending it to us. Its choking us. We have 40 copies and we have sold 1 copy in 6 months. Every month when we scan we would offer virgin sacrifices in hopes the gun would make happy beeps. We don’t want anymore. We will start using it to prop up the copies of Marley and Me that we have so that we can make decorative displays for the fire marshal to sit on when she comes write our reports and tickets.

Now I will assume some of these books are selling somewhere, or else the company would not be buying them. But they are not selling here. Send them to the stores that are and send us the things we need. Bonus: We will save even more money but cutting down on our ever escalating SPO and return costs!

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Date:2006-07-24 15:30
Subject:no less then 5 customers yesterday...

Dear customers:
It is not funny to hold out your keychain card and then move it around, trying to avoid the scanner.

This is not a game, and you will not win points by refusing to let me hit your card.

And yes, I do realize my scanner produces a little red beam, but this does not make it a weapon of any sort.

Now, really. Grow up and stop acting like a two year old. Thank you.

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Date:2006-07-20 12:23
Subject:you defeat me with your mighty brain power

So last night, we had a man in his 20's in the bookstore who was determined to prove his intelligence by trying question us on how many "cool" authors we have read (the only authors he knew were Phllip Dick and Hunter Thompson).

Then he told me that some "old guy" told him that he should read a book called "...something 1914. Maybe a month?"

Me: That would be August 1914, about the Battle of Tannenburg, which some say is part of the early beginnings of WWI. *looks up on the computer* Oh, and its by Solzhenitsyn, and its suppose to be quite good.

Him: Have you read it?

Me: No, but I did read another book by him that was very well written and memorable, called One Day in the Life of Ivan....

Him: *interrupts* What was that one about?

Me: It follows a man for a day who is sentenced to one of the Soviet gulags.

Him: Whats that?

Me: It was Soviet prison camp, used for both political dissenters and criminals.

Him: No, that can't be right - they didn't have prison camps!

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Date:2006-07-06 11:59

OMFG are we getting paid today or not?

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Date:2006-06-02 13:11

I'm leaving this community. It's been great and I loved my job at Waldenbooks, and I met some great people.

I got canned. After all of the bending over backwards I did, I was sacked.

Let this be a lesson. Don't let anyone use their discont for their families and certainly don't implicate yourself by signing the slip.

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